Why Wheat Germ Oil Increases Your Fertility to Become Pregnant

One of the ways to do that is to swallow wheat germ oil. This is a tool that can help you improve your fertility, and with which many women have had very positive experiences. Perhaps you are a bit skeptical as to whether this will really work as well. I will try to convince you of this in this article. I will try to explain to you exactly what wheat germ oil is, what this oil does to increase your chance of pregnancy, and why it can also help you keep taking wheat germ oil if you have become pregnant. This article is therefore structured on the basis of these three questions:

What is wheat germ oil?

Why does wheat germ oil help me get pregnant?

Why do I have to keep taking wheat germ oil during pregnancy?

What is wheat germ oil?

wheat germ oil1Before I explain why wheat germ oil is so good for you, it is useful to know what wheat germ oil actually is. Wheat germ oil is, as the name might suggest, an oil that is extracted from the  germs  of  wheat grains . These germs consist of around 10% oil.


Although this may sound unhealthy, since oil consists mainly of fat, this is certainly not the case. More than 60% of this oil consists of  unsaturated fatty acids , which, in contrast to saturated fats, are good for your body and, for example, help to lower your cholesterol levels.


Wheat germ oil is used to combat or alleviate many ailments, and because it can be used for so many things you can safely call it a panacea. One of the many ways wheat germ oil can be used is to  increase fertility ,  greatly increasing your  chance of pregnancy .


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Why does wheat germ oil help me get pregnant?

As you have just been able to read, wheat germ oil is very good for you in many areas, including  increasing fertility . But why does wheat germ oil help you get pregnant so well? If you’re still a little skeptical, don’t worry: you don’t have to believe me on my blue eyes.


Wheat germ oil helps you get pregnant in a number of different ways, which I will briefly discuss. These ways are:


Supplementing vitamin E

Increasing your energy and your strength

Positive influence on stress

Support during implantation

Supplementing vitamin E

wheat germ oil2Wheat germ oil contains a very large amount of  vitamin E . This is a vitamin that is very important if you are trying to become pregnant. If there is not enough vitamin E present in your body, your body is often simply unable to achieve a successful pregnancy.


A very large proportion of women who cannot get pregnant simply have a lack of vitamin E.


Vitamin E is very important in  building the cells  of your child, and is also very important for your  blood circulation , and therefore also the  blood flow  to the baby. An excess of vitamin E in your body is not dangerous, so even if you already have enough vitamin E in your body, you do not suddenly run the risk of using wheat germ oil.


Increasing your energy and your strength

In addition to vitamin E, wheat germ oil also contains the substance  octanasol . This substance greatly increases the energy and power in your body. Bringing about a pregnancy requires a lot from your body, so it is very important to provide enough energy if you want to become pregnant.


Positive influence on stress

wheat germ oil3The substance  octanasol , which ensures that your body has more energy and strength, also has a positive influence on  stress . Stress has a major negative impact on your fertility. If you are stressed, your body makes too much of the hormone  estrogen  .


This disrupts your entire cycle, and it may be that an egg has too little time to nestle in, or is erroneously ejected if you have your period.


Support during implantation

As if all this was not enough, wheat germ oil also helps you immensely with the  implantation of the egg  into the womb wall, which you could see as the first step of pregnancy: if this goes wrong, you will not get pregnant either. Everything can go wrong between fertilization and implantation, and wheat germ oil helps you to prevent this.


Why do I have to keep taking wheat germ oil during pregnancy?

So wheat germ oil can greatly help you to become pregnant, but on top of that it can also help you if you have already become pregnant. So it can be very sensible to keep taking wheat germ oil during pregnancy. There are several reasons for this, which I will briefly explain.


First, wheat germ oil is very good for your  immune system . This is essential during pregnancy, because germs that are not so dangerous for you can have very drastic consequences for an unborn child. You naturally want to protect your child against this as much as possible, and wheat germ oil helps you with that.


wheat germ oil4Secondly, wheat germ oil has a very positive influence on the  elasticity of your skin . If you are pregnant, your skin naturally stretches a lot. If your skin is not elastic enough, you can have nasty stretch marks and other damage to your skin. Wheat germ oil reduces this risk by making your skin more elastic.


Hopefully I managed to convince you that wheat germ oil is very good for your fertility and can also help you during pregnancy. I hope you don’t hesitate to give it a try; if it doesn’t work, it certainly doesn’t hurt, so you actually have nothing to lose.


Increase your husband’s fertility: especially for women!


A pregnancy does not only affect women, the men also play an important role in the birth of a child. Without the seed of your husband, a child will not automatically come into the world. The sperm of his sperm can, by fertilizing the egg, conceive a child. So in the end two are involved!


Having a child is something you try together. That’s why it’s a good idea to influence your husband’s fertility chances yourself! Fortunately, increasing the man’s fertility does not have to be difficult and we can help you.


. Let your husband relax.

Stress can be a major obstacle to the production of his sperm production. Remember that sex can be a lot less fun as a result. Maybe you no longer have sex! Therefore, make sure your husband gets enough sleep and exercise regularly. Make sure he does not run marathons, because excessive exercise reduces testosterone levels. And this again reduces fertility chances. Try to let him relax by doing relaxation exercises, for example with meditation or by allowing him to breathe deeply in and out. Have you ever thought about giving him a massage? Additional advantage: it puts him in the mood for sex!


  1. Lower his body temperature

Saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs can temporarily raise your husband’s body temperature. This reduces the amount and quality of his sperm cells. So keep your husband away from heat and leave the electric blanket behind. The laptop from the lap is also a seed killer: research has shown that men who put their laptops directly on their lap have a higher temperature in their pockets. As a result they produce less sperm. So when you see your husband put his laptop on his lap, put it at a desk! Researchers are still not sure whether tight boxers will actually raise his body temperature. A boxer could possibly reduce the amount of your man’s sperm.


  1. Stop his bad habits.

Smoking and drinking may not be good for your husband, it reduces his amount of sperm and life span. This combination is particularly harmful to his fertility chances. Various studies indicate that men (who smoke) have less need in sexes and also have sex less often. And who wants that? I’m sure you won’t!


  1. Improve his diet.

A shortage of vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, zinc, selenium, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids has a negative influence on its sperm production and quality. So make sure your husband eats a nutritious and balanced diet. In addition to his diet, he can support his sperm production with Repro Male . And by the way, if the old saying is true that the love of the man goes through his stomach … then use it in the bedroom!


  1. Have sex regularly.

Abstinence makes you loved (and gives your libido a boost), but this reduces your chance of a pregnancy. So if your husband postpones sex – and often takes a cold shower – to “save” his sperm, let him reconsider his strategy. Why?


Male fertility testing suggests that couples who have sex several times a day have the best chances of getting pregnant. In that case the man does have a normal number of sperm. Good news!


During ovulation time you can use his sperm cells best, because you are in your ovulation time. Does your husband have a low amount of sperm? Then it is better to have sex once every two days than to do it only once for two weeks. Indeed, long-term abstinence has little positive effect on conception. It actually reduces the chances of ‘hit the target’ – even among men with a low sperm count. How is that possible? If you have abstinence for more than a day, the sperm mobility and the appearance of the sperm cells decrease. This can be a bad thing, because it means fewer ‘boys’ make it to the finish.


About abstinence

On the other hand, abstinence does increase your husband’s sperm count. Abstaining for more than one day, let’s say: no sex for more than one day, does not increase the chances of pregnancy. You might think so, but that’s not true. Ejaculating more than once a day does not give him time to develop his sperm. And you want to have a good amount of sperm from your husband every time you have sex!




So there are different ways to increase your husband’s chances of fertility. Try them out and see if they work! Are you looking for a supplement that increases the quality of its seeds and therefore the chance of getting pregnant,


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